Buton Island

Full day city tour in Bau-bau

The excursion includes a visit to agar farming village and oyster raft in the sea, Buton sultanate Fort complex, oldest mosque in the city and sunset viewing from Baubau top. Enjoy lunch at Balinese village and traditional dinner at local house.  

Rp. 750,000/head for two persons including car rental, English speaking guide, lunch and dinner


Village experience in Wasuemba

Photo: “Land tours – Village experience in Wasuemba 1&2&3”

You will stay 1 night at a traditional high-floored house and experience various local activities: snorkeling, gleaning or night fishing. The trip includes a visit to a “floating village(Bajo village)” which are very characteristic of this area. May include orange harvesting (seasonal in August). Discover Buton’s unique culture and beautiful nature!  

Rp. 1,925,000/head for two persons including car rental, English speaking guide, accommodation for 1 night and 4 meals

One day Island trip with fish BBQ

Photo: “Land tours – One day Island trip”

An hour of gentle boat ride from Bau-bau, you will get beautiful white sand beach! Enjoy snorkeling in crystal clear water and fish BBQ on the beach. Enjoy sunbathing with nice beach breeze between snorkeling*, or trek up a cliff path to take in some beautiful views across the islands.

Rp. 1,000,000/head for two persons including pick up from hotel, boat charter, 2 x snorkeling * and BBQ lunch on the beach

*Diving can be arranged upon request


Wakatobi, around Hoga Island

Sampela Sea Nomad Village

A visit to Sampela, the sea nomad (Bajo) village, is a treat not to be missed. This water village on stilts is something you won’t forget, and is very characteristic of the Wakatobi. Hundreds of smiling children will welcome you and give you a tour around their village, which it is possible to move around by using small bridges and canoes. The bajo have a very unique culture due to their previous nomadic existence. You can go snorkelling with a group of bajo children who will demonstrate their traditional spear gun fishing techniques, or watch them perform their traditional martial art dance called pencak silat. Talk to the staff at your resort and they can arrange your visit for you. 

Kaledupa Island

The island of Kaledupa is a 15 minute boat ride from Hoga Island, and is a great place to visit and experience the local Wakatobi island culture which is very cut off from outside influence. Wander around the tranquil fishing villages, visit the local market, see how the local women weave the traditional Kaledupan sarongs by hand, and visit the inland salt-water lake for a spot of snorkeling where you can see red shrimps in the hundreds. Ask the staff at your resort on Hoga and they will happily arrange for you to charter a small boat across to Kaledupa. They can also arrange motorbike hire, and guides if you want to go visit the inland lake and go exploring on the island.

Hike around Hoga Island

Many visitors to Hoga Island like to take a hike around the Island and visit the small fishing village of Furake along the way. The full circuit takes approximately 4 hours and should only be attempted at low tide and with a guide, as sometimes it is necessary to leave the shoreline and go into the forested parts of the island where it is easy to get lost. Once again ask the resort staff who will be happy to assist and arrange a guide for you.