lobaloba (3)If you are looking for some exceptional diving in Indonesia then come and visit us. We can offer a range of diving day trips and diving packages around Buton Island, and also diving packages for those wanting to dive Tomia Island or Hoga Island in the Wakatobi Marine National Park. We also specialize in Wakatobi Island hopping charter trips for small groups, or combination packages for those wanting to visit more than one area.

We offer diving trips in the following areas:


What makes the diving here so special?

The Wakatobi region is situated at the center of the global Coral Triangle, making diving in Southeast Sulawesi a unique experience. Colourful reefs explode with life in one of the most biodiverse regions of the Indo-Pacific, and the world. The area harbors more species than any other tropical region because its bio-diversity was not affected by the last ice age. Of the 850 coral species known to man, more than 750 can be found in the Wakatobi.

The Wakatobi Marine National Park is the second largest in Indonesia encompassing 12.5 thousand square kilometers of protected Marine Park, and it is home to the largest atoll in the world. Long white sandy beaches are the norm and you will find many of the surrounding reefs unspoiled and in their natural state, giving you the opportunity to dive on pristine sites where you will rarely see other divers. As a result the diving here is both spectacular and relaxing. Snorkeling is also offers a great way to enjoy the reefs for non-divers and divers alike.

Some of the commonly found species in the Wakatobi and surrounding Buton include; a variety of nudibranches, colourful soft corals, big sponges, barracudas, sea horses, pygmy sea horses, mandarin fish, ghost pipe fish, napoleon fish, tuna, crocodile fish, frog fish, batfish, scorpion fish, black tipped and white tipped reef sharks, eagle rays, turtles, and sometimes even whale sharks and hammerheads.