Wasage Divers, was established in early 2008 and is based in the town of Bau-Bau on Buton Island in South East Sulawesi. We started out as a small dive operator running diving trips and PADI Dive Courses in the Bau-Bau area and also in the Wakatobi Marine National Park around Hoga Island. We set up our diving business in order to respond to an increasing number of tourists, and locals alike, who are wishing to explore the excellent coral reefs in the Wakatobi and around Buton Island, South East Sulawesi.

We can help arrange Buton and Wakatobi diving trips for divers on all budgets, taking in a combination of Buton Island and one of the Wakatobi islands of Hoga Island or Tomia Island.

Our staff have more than 12 years of diving experience within the Wakatobi and around Buton Island. We have 2 PADI qualified Instructors who are based on Buton Island. The instructors can teach a range of dive courses up to the PADI Divemaster level, both in the medium of English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Wasage Divers has three main objectives:

  • One is to provide an excellent service guiding qualified divers wishing to dive around Buton Island and in the Wakatobi Marine National Park area.
  • The second is to provide high quality dive training and PADI certification for groups from local government departments, non-government organizations, businesses, and any other individuals, right up to the PADI Divemaster level.
  • The third is to promote awareness locally regarding the importance of protecting and conserving the coral reefs of the Wakatobi and surrounding Buton Island.


Wasage Divers Staff:


0_0_0_0_144_170_csupload_18173833Wasage Divers Director & PADI Instructor

PADI Number – 487467


Imin has more than 12 years diving experience around the Wakatobi region and Buton Island. He is fluent in English and very passionate about diving and coral conservation. He is photographed here on a turtle rescuing and release mission when the dive boat spotted 2 turtles tangled up in old fishing nets.


DJ  Budiharto

0.2_0.16_0.05_0.09_162_108_csupload_67979685_largePADI Instructor

Photo: Profile DJ

PADI Number – 345118

DJ has 10 years diving experience around the Wakatobi region and Buton Island. He speaks very good English and Japanese, he left Tokyo life for doing diving and helping with coral conservation in Buton Island.